Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLRs)

At Vineyard Christian School, our students will be:

  • Spiritually Trained – They will study God’s Word and participate in prayer and worship; have opportunities to give and serve others in ministry; and be taught how to apply Spiritual principles in their daily life.
  • Effective Communicators – They will demonstrate reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills; articulate questions and use creative methods, such as art, music, and drama to express themselves.
  • Problem Solvers – They will creatively approach situations and problems in the social, academic, and spiritual realm; and use their thinking skills to evaluate, assess, and solve problems.
  • Responsible Learners – They will attend school regularly and be on-time; come to school prepared; and be organized and attentive in the classroom with an attitude of readiness to learn.
  • Respectful Citizens – They will show care for others, property, and the environment; and show respect for authority, themselves, God and our country.


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