Programs Offered

Toddler Program

We offer toilet training in our Toddler Room, for children 18 – 30 months old. The Toddler curriculum includes: Language and Literacy, Art, Music, large and small motor skill development, as well as indoor and outdoor activities and learning centers. 

Preschool Program

Our Preschool Program is designed for children who are toilet trained and between the ages of 2 and 4 years old. The curriculum encompasses every aspect of development in these critical early years including, Language, Literacy, Math, Science, Art and Music, as well as motor growth. Each of our five classrooms are equipped with age appropriate furnishings and educational resources which enables the teacher to provide your child with the optimum tools for success. Along with our regular curriculum, children in our program have the opportunity to participate in weekly Music class and library. 

Pre-Kindergarten Program

Vineyard’s Pre-Kindergarten Program utilizes Saxon’s Early Learners Curriculum, which provides opportunities for students to explore concepts in Math, Science, Fine Art, Early Literacy, Oral Language, Social Studies, and Health & Safety. This thematic based curriculum offers a sequential learning experience, where skills are introduced, developed, and mastered over the course of the year. Student’s needs and abilities are fully respected through this curriculum, honoring the fact that children thrive through a combination of predictable routines and a safe, nurturing environment, while providing exposure to many interesting concepts, as well as a strong emphasis on oral language development and classroom discussion. This curriculum embraces Vineyard Christian Preschool’s philosophy of building strong christian character, with each theme focusing on a specific character trait. Your child will learn about self esteem, hard work, sharing, gentleness, honesty, kindness, appreciation, perseverance, and courage. Pre-Kindergarten students will visit the library weekly and participate in a 30 minute Music class and Physical Education class on alternating weeks.


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