At Vineyard Christian Middle School, we take Chapel to the next level by engaging students in small groups and delving deep into God’s word to help further develop their relationship with our Savior Jesus Christ. It is our hope that this will give them the tools of apologetics and help them to defend their faith. Themes and guest speakers are chosen with great care to support the spiritual needs of the students. Further, students press into the heart of worship and even have the opportunity to lead it through Worship Band.

Chapel is enhanced with quarterly meetings of “Covered in Prayer” (for female students) and “Take Cover” (for male students). This is a special time of sharing and ministry where mentor teachers and parents can pour God’s love into the students. 

Everything VCMS students learn and receive in Chapel culminates in the spring when they participate in a three day, Spiritual Emphasis Conference. Students receive an extended and focused time of teaching, worship, and ministry over the course of those three days which we hope will increase their desire for relationship with their Creator, and fill them with His grace. 


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